Big Sean Bought Slash’s Old House And Kept The Odd Decorations

The lines between rappers and rock stars blur all the time but every so often, they collide in ways that just serve to remind us all how big the younger genre has gotten. For Big Sean, that reminder is literal, kind of bizarre, and came with his new house. As Sean raps on the song “Lucky Me” from his new album Detroit 2, “Even bought Slash old crib, that’s rock star as it gets.” Well, in a recent interview with NME, not only does he confirm the line is 100 percent facts, he also explains just how rock star it is.

As it turns out, Sean “renovated the whole house” except for a few things. For one, “it even has a night club in it,” which he kept despite saying “I’m not really a club guy.” But the truly odd detail he couldn’t bear to remove turned out to be one of the Guns N’ Roses guitarists’ signature symbols. “[Slash] left a couple of skulls on the wall that I kept,” he explains. “There’s also this super colorful door that I kept and a big, big painting on one of the staircases. So there’s a couple of things I kept for keepsake just to be like, ‘This is Slash’s’, you know?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Sean recalls debating South Park vs. Family Guy with Eminem in the studio. You can read the full piece here.