SOURCE SPORTS: Kevin Durant Believes You Got To Respect Whoever Comes Out The NBA Bubble As Champions

When Kevin Durant isn’t using his burner phones, he actually makes some great NBA takes.

Durant made an appearance on Joe Budden’s podcast on Monday. He was asked whether this year’s NBA champion would be respected in the same way as the champions of a standard season.

“Yeah, of course. You still have to play against these dudes,” Durant said.


Durant added that you can’t hold it against the players for winning amid the circumstances that nobody saw coming.

Durant even doubled down on his take, saying he thinks this year’s champions will be even more respected.

“I think it will be respected for sure. Probably more respected. It’s tough for the boys in there. They’ve been away from everybody for that long. To be the last one standing? That’s going to be tough,” Durant said.

Here is why Durant’s take is valid. This NBA season wasn’t a sprint, it was a marathon. After a four-month break and then being asked to isolate in an NBA Bubble isn’t for the weak. Whoever walks away from the bubble as champions need some respect put on their names.