Get Familiar With Buzzing Rap Duo Bossed Up Camp And Their ‘New Shit’

Get familiar with Hollywood Quis and B Menace, the members of the recently buzzing rap duo Bossed Up Camp and their latest single, “New Shit.” If you like gorgeous girls, the latest cars, and the newest shit in general, then you will love vibing to Bossed Up Camp’s new track, a mix of all of the above and more. The song comes served with a classy music video that shows Bossed Up Camp and Wody, who is featured on the track, play around with their latest shit while performing the exciting song. One of the new discoveries of the month, Bossed Up Camp were more focusing on live shows and concerts all along the East Coast where they have built a solid reputation for themselves, but hadn’t released a track since their 2016 single, “Bright Lights.” Don’t miss their latest single and music video!

 Stream and watch below: