Migos' Takeoff Sued for Allegedly Raping Woman at LA Party

Migos member Takeoff is being sued by a Los Angeles woman who alleges he raped her at a house party in June.

The woman, who filed the lawsuit as a Jane Doe on Wednesday (Aug. 5) in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims the incident occurred June 22 at a party in Encino, California. She says she was invited there by DJ Daryl “Durel” McPherson, who occasionally spins for Migos. According to the suit, when she arrived, loud music was playing and Takeoff (real name Kirshnik Khari Ball) arrived sometime later. She says she saw a handgun sitting on a table and that during the evening noticed Takeoff staring at her which made her “extremely uncomfortable.”

At one point in the night she says Takeoff approached her offering her marijuana and the encounter left her feeling uneasy, so she left the conversation. Later, she says she was going upstairs with McPherson, when they walked past Takeoff in the hall. Takeoff was irate when she saw them and started arguing with McPherson, according to her complaint. The woman says she continued walking and waiting for McPherson in his bedroom when Takeoff walked in and began touching her. The woman says she refused Takeoff’s advances and told him she did not want to have sex with him, but that he then forcefully raped her.

The woman says after receiving from the initial shock of what happened that she left the party and sought medical care at a nearby hospital. The filings state hospital staff “observed physical evidence of forceful rape and notified the Los Angeles Police Department.”

The woman’s lawyer, Neama Rahmani, president of West Coast Lawyers, tells Billboard he has been in contact with the LAPD who he says are investigating his client’s allegations. (LAPD confirmed there was an active investigation.) Rahmani says while his client wants criminal justice, they filed the lawsuit after being dismayed by the slow pace of the criminal investigation.

“We want Takeoff to be arrested, charged with felony rape, be convicted, to serve time in state prison,” he says. “Unfortunately justice has been slow in this particular case. It is a month and a half since the rape and no arrests have been made. I hope law enforcement continues to push their investigation forward and does so aggressively and in a more timely manner, but we don’t have control over that case.”

Rahmani says the civil case allows his client to more aggressively push this case forward. He adds that after what transpired that she is “distraught.”

“She is terrified and she’s scared and that is why we filed as a Jane Doe to maintain her anonymity,” he says.

The woman is suing Takeoff for sexual battery, battery, assault, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress, among other causes of action. She is seeking damages to be determined at trial.

Takeoff’s rep could not be reached for comment.