T-Pain Shares Story of Travis Scott Falling Asleep in the Studio

When some artists record in the studio, it’s an all-out party, while others are significantly more relaxed. T-Pain recently shared a story about spending time in the studio with Travis Scott during the making of Astroworld, which led the “Sicko Mode” rapper to fall sleep.

T-Pain began by recalling how Scott wanted it to be louder in the studio. After more speakers were brought in to beef up the sound, Travis played T-Pain some unreleased Astroworld material, which inspired him to make similar beats for Scott. T-Pain said he started telling Travis and his crew about his production process, and the next thing he knew, everybody in the room was asleep.

“I started going in about how I do production. The whole time I’m looking at my computer… Then I turned around. Everybody in the room fucking sleep. Knocked the fuck out,” he remembered. “Travis is also somehow sleep standing up. Don’t know how. Can’t fucking tell you. Don’t know what the fuck happened. Bro, I was only talking for like three or four minutes.”

You can hear T-Pain share the hilarious story about Travis Scott by pressing play below.