UnitedMasters Announces New Subscription Service 'Select,' Allows Artists to Retain 100% Royalties

UnitedMasters is widening its net in the independent space by launching a new subscription service titled “Select.”

Geared to iPhone and Android users, the “Select” subscription app will provide emerging artists on the independent circuit a bevy of tools to keep 100% of their royalties. UnitedMasters is allowing artists to either choose a 90/10 royalty split or a $5 a month subscription with no hidden fees. UM is also enabling its users to distribute their music to primary streaming services via their iPhone or Android, keep track of their fan analytics, and gain access to promotional tools to ensure commercial success.

“Disruption and democratization are in our DNA,” said Steve Stoute, founder, and CEO of UnitedMasters. “‘We’re tearing down the construct of ‘gatekeepers’ and putting independent artists in front of the biggest brands, allowing them to choose the terms of their deal, and maintain 100% ownership of their careers – all from their phone.”

“From its inception, UnitedMasters was designed to give artists the power of choice and control over their future,” said Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood, president of UnitedMasters. “As we continue to build the new blueprint for the music industry, we’re dedicated to providing artists with new options for what a modern-day music career looks like.”

Those “Select Artists” will also have the chance to their music featured through various ESPN shows such as First Take, Sportscenter, and The Jump. In honor of the launch, UnitedMasters will hold a two-day conference July 16 and 17 to discuss the intersection between music and culture.