Gucci Mane Announces New Deal With Gucci

Gucci Mane is poised for a busy summer. The Atlanta rapper took to Twitter yesterday to make a string of announcements, most notably revealing a new deal with Gucci.

“It’s official I’m getting my own brand at @gucci,” he said. “I hope they ain’t lying.”

He did, however, follow up the tweet with a somewhat contradictory message saying, “Should I renew my contract with @gucci ??????? Or go independent.”

Gucci then switched gears to discuss music, but in a similar context. “Should I renew contract with @Atlantic records or go independent big press conference July 3rd,” he tweeted.

Earlier this month, Gucci Mane announced that he would be leaving his longtime label, Atlantic Records, over racism. Since then, he has hinted at starting a new record label. He will evidently be addressing the situation on July 3, the same day he drops his new album, Icy Summer.