From Lady Gaga's Album to Rosalía and Travis Scott's 'TKN' & More, What's Your Favorite New Music Release?

The forecast for this week’s weather involves heavy showers from Lady Gaga‘s sixth album Chromatica, fire from Rosalía and Travis Scott‘s “TKN” joint and clear skies from Kygo‘s Golden Hour LP.

After predicting all the “Rain” with Ariana Grande, Gaga reclaims the dance floor she fought for by bringing back — in the form of Chromatica — her dance-pop sound that first catapulted her into superstardom a decade ago.

Flamenco pop star Rosalía once rode on the coattails of Houston hip-hop giant for his 2019 “Highest In The Room” remix, but now, she’s letting him follow her lead on “TKN” with La Flame flashing his Spanish skills in the music video that, much like Gaga’s project, calls for a newborn dance revolution.

Plus, Norwegian DJ Kygo joins said dance revolution by cohesively channeling his plinking electro-pop production all while letting the vocalists soar on their own, from Zac Brown on the country-tinged “Someday” track to the late Whitney Houston on the piano-driven “Higher Love” dance melody to Zara Larsson and Tyga on the summery “Like It Is” smash.

So which new music release will you be listening to all weekend? Vote below!