Elon Musk’s SpaceX Space Suits Are Actually Kinda Fire

Yesterday, space and tech enthusiasts awaited Elon Musk‘s latest venture: the maiden voyage of the SpaceX Dragon to the International Space Station. Although the launch was called off due to bad weather, the astronauts’ new “spacesuits” have attracted attention for their sleek, Tesla-fied, Tony Stark-esque kind of vibe.

Designed in-house in Hawthorne, California, the flight suits — not actually intended for moonwalks — are taking space travel design to a post-Stanley Kubrick kind of aesthetic with a sleek white trim, calf-high rubber boots, a minimalist helmet, and NASA and SpaceX co-branding on the chest and arm.

In addition to the noticeably modernized design, the flight suits are loaded with all the tech specs needed for space travel such as intercommunication technology, cooling abilities, flame protection, pressure regulation, and haptic gloves.

The suits may get another chance to fulfill their purpose with the next potential launch date, which is expected to take place this weekend.  If successful, it will mark the first time a private company (i.e. not government) will send someone into orbit.