DJ Khaled 's New Drake-Assisted Album Is Dropping This Summer

DJ Khaled has hinted that his next album will drop this summer, and Drake could be featured on the lead single.

“There no summer wit out a KHALED ANTHEM! I AM SUMMER! New album in the works and FIRST SINGLE BEEN DONE !” he wrote in a recent Instagram post where he discussed a forthcoming project. “I got a big shoot coming up,” he teased.

Shortly after, he posted a screenshot from a video call with Mark Wahlberg. “Bless up [Mark Wahlberg] , [Mark] was checking on my availability for the next big film also checking in wit my [family] thank u,” he wrote.

Earlier this week, Khaled celebrated his 2019 album, Father Of Asahd, being certified platinum. In an announcement post, he boasted that “only hip-hop artist to have three back-to-back platinum albums in the last 4 years,” before revealing a juicy piece of intel about the follow-up album.

“First single BEEN done!” he writes, adding,“? x ? MORE CHUNE PON THEY HEAD TOP.” The owl could very well indicate that Drake, his longtime hit-making collaborator, will feature on the lead single.