Future Enjoys the High Life in 'Hard to Choose One' Video: Watch

Future’s newest album, High Off Life, is a jam-packed affair with features from Drake, Travis Scott, YoungBoy NBA, DaBaby, Lil Uzi Vert, and more.

On Monday (May 18), however, the ATL titan opted to drop off the visuals for his album standout “Hard to Choose One,” which sees him flying solo.

Not only does Future show off his fleet of luxury cars, but also his lineup of gorgeous women to match. He also manages to squeeze in his snazzy dance moves while boasting about his opulent lifestyle. 

In an interview with Zane Lowe last week for Apple Music, Future spoke about his music’s richness. “It’s like treasures. It’s like cages. From the 1700s, and back in the days and then now, they’re still finding gold. You can dig for gold because somebody put that gold right there where you’re digging for gold,” he said. “These cases, they’ve already been there. You might see these little historic places that you travel. You’re like well this building that was here from since 1900s or whatever, they built this building.’

He added: “I’m doing the music to spread it all around, throughout the world, and then I still got more. They’re like treasures. I look at my music like treasures, like a treasure hunt is going to be able to find it no way, no matter where you go. If I told you, you would have to sign papers. If I told you, then you would have that sign confidentiality papers. That’s how rare this sh-t is.”

Watch “Hard to Choose One” below.