YEEZY is Facing Another Lawsuit

Following the dismissal of a $624,000 lawsuit by Japanese fabric supplier Toki Sen-I Co, YEEZY has once again found itself in hot legal waters, The Fashion Law reports.

This time, the lawsuit comes from Colorado-based company Backbone PLC, which licenses out management tools allowing brands to oversee the lifecycles of their products by providing access to color libraries, inventory, and design specifications. Along with West’s apparel label, Backbone counts brands such as KITH, Outdoor Voices, and Movado among its core clients.

Backbone alleges that YEEZY has failed to pay fees of up to $125,200 for the continued use of its software. It claims YEEZY initially paid the $20,000 implementation fee, an inaugural annual fee of $10,000, and the monthly user fees for 12 months totaling $43,200. In September 2019, Backbone claims that Yeezy Apparel continued to maintain access to the software but stopped paying.

Backbone PLC claims that YEEZY has, “despite the repeated requests, as of the date of this complaint, made no payment towards the outstanding invoices.” Backbone is seeking this payment along with “any other and further relief that the court may deem just and proper.”

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