Babyface Recounts Battle With Coronavirus: 'You Worry About If It's Going to Go to the Next Level'

This past month has been a rollercoaster for Babyface. Though he dueled against Teddy Reddy in a historic Verzuz battle on Instagram, before his match-up, the legendary singer/songwriter and his wife overcame cases of COVID-19.

“It was just a sore throat at first, so I thought that’s all it was gonna be,” Babyface told¬†CBS earlier this morning (May 8) in an interview. “That evening it turned into a fever, it turned into sweats, body aches and the whole bit. It lasted for about five, six days, and the fever just nonstop. Even after five, six days, the fever would come back a little bit. So you thought you were out of it, but it kind of just kept hanging around.”

He added: “The biggest thing is you worry about if it’s going to go to the next level.” Fortunately, he and his wife prevailed and are back to regular strength.

Following his bout with COVID-19, Babyface squared up against Teddy Riley in a songwriter’s battle on Verzuz. With over 500,000 people tuned in, the two titans charged back and forth, playing some of their biggest hits. Though they put on a show, fans clamored for more records from Babyface, especially from 1995’s Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack, where he was considered the backbone for the project’s creation.¬† In honor of mother’s day, he will perform the soundtrack live.

“I thought it would be great to play the music from Waiting to Exhale, tell the stories, talk about the artists and how it all came together,” he said.

Watch his interview with CBS below.