Lil Wayne Interviews Drake On Young Money Radio

On the occasion of his surprise mixtape drop, Drake called into Lil Wayne‘s Young Money podcast on Beats 1.

In a conversation with his mentor, Drizzy gave some insider info about his Dark Lane Demo Tapes record and got candid about a myriad of issues from fatherhood and family, to coming up in the industry. On the episode, Lil Wayne and Drake also recounted a fond memory with the late Kobe Bryant.

Read through the best and most revealing answers Drake gave below.

On why Drake chose to post photos of his son, Adonis

“It was great to just share that with the world and it wasn’t even anything I talked about or anything I planned. I just woke up one morning and I was like, ‘You know what, this is just something that I wanna do.’ I wanna be able to go places with my son, share memories with my son.”

“From Florida With Love” is inspired by Drake’s first time meeting Kobe

“On the song “From Florida With Love,” you reminded me of the time that I played “Lollipop” on the tour bus for you and the late, great Kobe Bryant. Rest in peace to the Black Mamba,” Lil Wayne told Drake during the episode.

“I’m already just floored that I’m sitting here talking to Lil Wayne as he’s like bleeding out, getting this angel wing [tattoo] on his side and then next thing I know Kobe Bryant walks on the bus, and he came to pick up an iPod. Because, at the time, that’s how we gave the athletes music, on iPods […] Just to be in that moment with you and him, it was out of body. It was just something I wanted to write about. Especially now, in the second verse I say it hurts me that we’ll all never get to reminisce about that moment, but yeah rest in peace to Kobe and Gigi.”

On dropping Dark Lane Demo Tapes

“There was just a lot of joints that were sort of floating around, songs that people were asking me about and for. You know, with the whole pandemic thing that’s going on, we’ve been kinda playing music on live, so there were joints that were being played oj live and then there were a couple leak situations that happened a little earlier this year […] I couldn’t believe how much music was leaking, not just form me, but every artist […] so we pieced a lot of those songs together, and I put a few new joints on there, but really it was just instead of dropping a single right now I just felt like people would appreciate a body of something to listen to as opposed to just one song.”

On his upcoming album

“[Dark Lane Demo Tapes] set the tone for the album, and then yeah, the album is being worked on every day.”

On Lil Wayne’s insane music vault

“I make songs for moments,” Wayne told Drake. “Like right after a movie moment. Like, right in the middle of the movie. Right before the movie, the conversation…”

Drake explained, “You got so many joints. You got so many songs that’s like…I remember one of the biggest things in life was reminding you of the songs. Trying to figure out what month’s hard drive the song that I was looking for was on ’cause you have so many joints, it’s insane.”

You can listen to the full talk below and tune into Young Money Radio here.