Wooden Shirts, Silent Discos, Pooping in the Woods: 10 Great Moments From Season 1 of Lil Dicky's 'Dave'

If you missed the season 1 finale of Lil Dicky‘s FXX sitcom Dave on Wednesday night, oh man, we need to talk. The 10-episode semiautobiographical series about the travails of aspiring rapper Dicky managed to pull off the shock laughs of Girls and Curb Your Enthusiasm thanks to hilariously graphic storylines about Dicky’s sexual hangups, fetishes and medical issues, while also touching on real-life/TV hype man GaTa’s struggles with mental illness.

Plus, it was kind of a fun-hang-with-friends show in the vein of Entourage and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, all of which Dicky (born Dave Burd) told Billboard were among the touchstones he had in mind when he pitched the show. The highest-rated debut season for a sitcom in FXX’s history, the series hasn’t gotten an official season 2 pickup yet, but Burd said he’s hoping there will be future adventures for the gang. Because he’s got tons of stories, and Lil Dicky didn’t even really rap until the last episode.

In the meantime, check out 10 of our favorite moments from season 1 below in no particular order. (If you missed it, the show is available on Hulu now and the FXNow app for the next 60 days.)

A Hike Gone So Wrong

After eating his first bite of vegetable ever during a dinner with girlfriend Ally’s family, Dave “reinvents” diarrhea.

The Next Kanye West

While trying to sell himself as the next Kanye (but, you know, white), Dicky also pitches himself as “like Eminem, but wholesome,” describing how every 12-year-old girl in America is going to want to marry him. Mentally. But, like, he would never do that. Worst PowerPoint presentation ever.

Hanging With Bieber, NBD

Dicky runs into JB at producer Benny Blanco’s house and he’s totally not weird at all about it when Justin invites him to a party that night. You know, he might swing by, but he’s just gonna PIBE (Play It By Ear). A thing people totally say.

Silent Diss-co

Dicky’s best friend/DJ Elz hustles on the side, and one of his best/worst gigs is manning the tables at a very lame silent disco. Elz makes it bearable by slinging a string of hilarious put-downs at the clueless, wordless clubgoers. “She’s cheatin’ on you dawg… what’s up white people!! You’re f—ing trash!”

Wood Shirts

Just wood shirts. That is all.

Worst Concert Intro Ever

While filming the intro for his first ever concert, Dicky mentions his small penis and promises viewers the best show ever. Spoiler: it wasn’t.

Meet, Greet, Retreat

Basking in the glow of his first show, Dicky realizes that his fans are super weird. But even stranger than the sniper who killed to his music in Afghanistan and the brother who offers up his teen sister as tribute are Dave’s parents, who bring a non-flowering good luck plant. Another thing people totally do.

Going Viral, But, Like, Not the Good Way

Dicky’s roommate/manager Mike convinces him to put on a Jim Carrey The Mask yellow suit and travel all over town (including to a quiet library) to shoot viral videos of his gross catchphrase, “somebody suck me!” It does not catch on. Shocker.

Bipolar Confession

One of the season’s deepest episodes (No. 5) found GaTa spiraling due to a bipolar episode and sharing the news of his diagnosis for the first time with the gang in a truly touching moment that Burd said was ripped from real life.

Straight Outta Comicon

The series debut found Dave transforming into Lil Dicky after blowing all his bar mitzvah money ($10,000) chasing down a feature from YG. Backed into a corner, Dicky bum rushes a YG recording/hang session and in a desperate bid to lock down the verse spits a crazy freestyle that YG records. The rap, which goes viral, includes the lines “I just want a girl to let me hit it on a work day/ I don’t think my d–k has grown at all since the first grade.”