Megan Thee Stallion Still Can't Believe She Has a Record With Beyonce: 'Manifestation Is a Real Word'

Megan Thee Stallion is still in awe over Beyonce’s swaggering feature on her “Savage (Remix).” On Wednesday (April 29), Megan expressed her excitement on Instagram when she played the record inside her house.

“Like I know, they say manifest it, but b–tch that’s a real thing. That is a real thang. Manifestation is a real word,” said Megan before she recited the song. Megan’s celebration included her toasting to her accomplishments with a sip of 1942 and some fun twerking.

“I heard it for the first time, and I called my grandma, said an emotional Megan. “I was like in f—king shambles. I was really crying. I really got a f–king song with Beyonce.”

According to Megan, she spent 30 minutes on the phone with her grandmother crying in joy because she fulfilled her longtime wish of working with one of her idols.

“You go from going to a Destiny’s Child concert in like the fifth grade and you see Destiny’s Child, and it’s really freakin’ amazing. And wanting to be a performer, wanting to be in the music industry, wanting to be any kind of entertainer, and you look at Beyonce, Beyonce is the standard,” she said.

In previous interviews, Megan voiced her desire to one day work with Beyonce.”Well, we’re going to pray to Jesus Christ that it happens, but I really want to do a song with Beyonce. I love me some Beyonce. That’ll just be crazy,” she said in 2018 to Power 105.1.

Watch Megan’s celebration below.