Arca Releases New Single "Nonbinary": Listen Here

Arca has premiered the first song from her new album, KiCk i. The Venezuelan musician introduced “Nonbinary” to the world via a NSFW music video directed by Frederik Heyman.

According to an official press release, the single offers a first look at Arca’s transformation following her 2017 self-titled album. While the past acts as a prologue, her recent 60-minute single, “@@@@@,” is the prelude. “Nonbinary” will then usher in a new era, which Arca will further unveil on KiCk i.

“I’m asking for recognition that we have multiple selves without denying that there’s a singular unit,” Arca previously told Paper Magazine of “Nonbinary.” “I want to be seen as an ecosystem of minor self-states without being stripped of the dignity of being a whole.”

“It gives me the feeling of possibility, to not allow for easy categorization,” she went on to add. “I wouldn’t want to just go pop and I wouldn’t want to go full experimentalist. That’s where a nonbinary mode of thinking feels really fertile. It opens possibilities rather than collapsing things. Allowing for change without resisting it.”

You can watch the NSFW video for “Nonbinary” below. Be sure to stay tuned for more from Arca’s new album, KiCk i.