French Montana vs. Kendrick Lamar vs. Young Thug Beef Explained

French Montana upset a lot of hip-hop fans on Twitter last night after he claimed he can go “neck to neck” with Kendrick Lamar. Young Thug was among the many who reacted to French’s comments, and now the two rappers are going for each other on social media.

It all kicked off last night when French hit up Twitter to try to convince his 2.9 million followers that he’s on Lamar’s level — coincidentally on the same day that his new single dropped. In a series of Tweets, the “Unforgettable” rapper made the case for why he believes he’s on the same level as Lamar, who’s widely considered the best rapper of our time. “It ain’t my fault I believe in myself,” French wrote in his defense.

French claimed the comment wasn’t a personal attack on Kendrick, saying it applies “to anybody they put in front of me.”

The tweets follow a video interview with Complex, where he first made the ludicrous claim that he “might outshine” Kendrick if they were to headline a festival together.

In Young Thug’s response, he dubbed French a “stupid ass … fool.” Watch below.

Montana then uploaded an alleged photo of Thugger wearing a skirt. According to XXL, the since-deleted Instagram post was accompanied by an all-caps rant asking why he felt the need to jump in “some shit that had nothing to with” him. He then posted an IG Story thanking Thugger for “wearing that skirt for me on “No Stylist.” You heard? Hold the cap. Fuck with you though. But, worry about 21 Savage before me and Kendrick, you heard?”

Thugs response? “Listen, bro. Get out of your feelings. I’m only speaking from an artist standpoint. You do not have nowhere near more hits than Kendrick Lamar, whatsoever. You probably won’t ever have more hits than buddy. So, get that out of your head. I don’t know what you’re taking, but get that out of your head.”

He continued, “Second of all, I got off the phone with Savage. I told him I was coming to fuck with him in Atlanta for a few days. I was ‘posed to got on the jet yesterday and I was supposed to get on the jet today, but I ain’t make it. So, that’s why he put up I’m in the Hall of Cap. We don’t got no smoke with each other, pussy.

“Third of all, that’s what I even get for fucking with niggas like you,” Thug added. “I wore that dress in your video just to show love and support because I only put that dress on when it’s real…when I feel like it’s real love or I feel like this what it’s supposed to be. That’s the only time I do that type of shit. ‘Cause I thought it was love, but that’s the thanks I get for fuckin’ with pussy niggas like you. But, it’s OK. I know you smoke dope.”

Thug then took aim at French’s “cheesy ass jewelry” and talked about pulling Meek Mill into the drama over alleged video footage that apparently shows Montana getting “knocked out.” Naturally, everyone on Twitter is eating this up. Scroll down to see what people are saying.

Um, “more hits than Kendrick?”…

Stay in your lane French, lol

The nerve