Kanye West Pulls Out of Easter Sunday Service With Joel Osteen

Kanye West has pulled out of Joel Osteen‘s planned virtual Easter Sunday Service at the last minute, TMZ reports.

In light of the coronavirus, the Televangelist’s Houston-based Lakewood megachurch is taking their Easter service, titled ‘Hope Is Alive’, to virtual territory. West was scheduled to perform from Los Angeles with his Sunday service, but now the rapper has pulled the plug due to safety concerns.

Kanye and his Sunday Service crew – which at times has more than 100 members – were planning to wear masks and maintain social distancing for the performance. However, once everything was laid out, Kanye decided it just didn’t feel safe enough for everyone involved.

Joel Osteen’s Easter Service, however, will still move forward with celebrity guests Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry, the Lakewood website has confirmed.  The service will stream on Sunday, April 12 at 8.30 pm CDT on the church’s website and social media channels.