Three-Peat: Future Releases His 2015 Mixtape '56 Nights' on All Streaming Services

Future is gunning for a three-peat: After freeing two of his beloved mixtapes in Monster and most recently Beast Mode, on Thursday (April 9), Future capped off the trifecta by placing 56 Nights on all streaming services.

Released in March 2015, the seminal mixtape served as a collaborative effort between Future and DJ Esco, featuring a plethora of street bangers, most notably “March Madness” and “Trap N—as.” The latter would later live on Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 album.

Earlier this week, Future announced the title of his new album,¬†Life Is Good, in an XXL¬†cover story. “It’s about life and being good and just enjoying life,” he revealed about his anticipated endeavor. “So many tragedies and catastrophes and everything is going on in the world. And you want to enjoy life, as long as you have it. Waking up, breathing, well, you want to be able to soak it all up and be appreciative for every moment on this earth, every moment that you’re living.”

He also explained how this project will redefine him creatively. “Going to the next level where you just going to the next level and always going outside the box, but still remaining true to my core fans and my core audience,” Future explained. “It’s me trying new things. I want to remain true to self, but also true to my fans and just giving them a good project, a great project to be able to listen to, but also for different artists to be able to feed off of, create off of, come up with different ideas and just being at the forefront of just making a solid album, a solid, complete album. It’s just very important to me.”

No release date has been issued yet for Life is Good.