Twitter Roasts Justin Bieber's $10.5 Million "Blender" Mansion

Justin and Hailey Bieber may currently be self-isolating in an $8.5 million Beverly Hills mansion, but the current fascination with celebrity homes has revived interest in one of Bieber’s less appealing properties — a wildly expensive property he rented back in 2015.

The $10.5 million six-bedroom, 6.5-bath estate, which was dubbed the “salad spinner house” due to its structure, cost the Bieber nearly $60,000 a month. But its sky-high rent doesn’t mean it was stylish. In fact, it looks extremely similar to his neighbor Pharrell‘s weirdly corporate pad.

Bieber was actually forced to move out after two months back in 2015 after the transparent facade and trespassing fans caused obvious privacy issues.

Since pictures of the estate surfaced on Twitter, it has been compared to a Sims City Expansion Pack, a community college, and most popularly, a blender. Scroll down for the most hilarious tweets.

Bu the facade has big blender energy