Cardi B Opens Up About Health Scare, Stands by Coronavirus Rant: 'I Told Y'all It Was Gonna Get Real!'

Cardi B‘s “Coronavirus” rant remix hit closer to home for the artist when she told fans via Instagram Live on Thursday (April 2) that she’d been feeling really sick.

While wearing a wrapped towel on her head, sunglasses and a face mask, Cardi B disclosed she wasn’t feeling so hot after dealing with a lot of stomach problems. “I was weighing at least 130 [pounds] and now I’m back to weighing 124. Like literally I weigh 124 because I was throwing up my f—ing life away, man,” she lamented. The 27-year-old rapper said she ate four bags of cotton candy and yogurt with peanut butter to gain some of the weight back.

Fortunately, Cardi B stated she doesn’t have the coronavirus after spending time in the hospital for her stomach issues. “Yesterday, I was on Twitter, right, and one of my fans asked me, ‘Oh, why you haven’t gone on live?’ And I told her like, ‘Yo, I went to the hospital bi—. I was sick,'” she recalled. “And then today my publicist hit me up like, ‘Oh, I just wanted to tell you like ain’t nothing coronavirus-related or something.’ Thank God.”

But that doesn’t make her health scare — as evidenced by the hit remix based on her Instagram rant March 10 — any less serious. “I been telling y’all though that this sh– was real,” she exclaimed before breaking out into the song that arose from that very platform. “That video that went f—ing super-viral, I told y’all, ‘Coronavirus! It’s getting real!’ I told y’all it was gonna get real! I know I said it in a funny way, but I knew it was gonna get real!”

Brooklyn DJ iMarkkeyz’s remix of the fellow Brooklyn-bred star’s rant has been keeping up its hot streak on two Billboard charts: It currently reigns at No. 11 on the Rap Digital Song Sales chart and No. 17 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales chart (dated April 4).

Later in her IG Live session, Cardi B updated fans who’d “been harassing me for music” about her inability to properly shoot a music video (“I’mma have to literally shoot the video inside the house with one of them ‘hood videographers,” she joked about the alternative) or her indifference about dropping a new song. “I just don’t want to put a song out right now, I don’t know, this is all weird,” she said. “Unless I put out like a really calm song. I got like a really beautiful song. I think I could shoot that video in the house.”