Kill Nigel & Theophilus London Get Too 'Attached' to Lust on New Single: Exclusive

Lust can be a tricky thing to balance. Sometimes it’s hard to judge if the other person shares the same feelings, and other times — like with Kill Nigel — you find yourself in too deep. The New York-based rapper expresses such on new single, “Attached.”

Premiering exclusively on Billboard today (March 30), Kill Nigel finds himself in an emotional void where he tries to find answers to true love. “I break down in pieces, pick me up / Or throw me back on the ground and f–k me up I’m so connected to you, can you show me something different?” he spits.

Established rapper Theophilus London joins him on the chorus, providing vulnerable vocals that are heightened by Wes Period’s eerie production.

“The song is about the creation of my beautiful son and my attachment to him,” Kill Nigel tells Billboard. “It’s about building a bond that will never be broken with him and his mother. Bringing the feeling of true love back to our world. Showing how a real woman can heal all her pain with love. I want this song to show the world love is not dead. R&B is not dead.”

“Attached” is the lead single from Kill Nigel’s forthcoming album I Don’t Have To Die For You to Love Me, due sometime this Spring via At Eaze Music Group. It follows December’s “OD For Love” collaboration with 7: AMP. Prior to joining the rap world, the artist worked as a stylist who’s dressed the likes of Billie Eilish, Machine Gun Kelly and Tyga.

Enjoy the new music below.