Rick Ross Is Actually Amused After Seemingly Being Attacked By Drake Fans In Canada

Kendrick Lamar took a few hefty swings at Drake’s OVO Sound’s mascot in the “Not Like Us” video. But last month (June 30), it appears Drake fans decided to throw a few punches of their own—at Drizzy’s foe Rick Ross.

While performing in Montreal, the “Champagne Moments” rapper and his crew were seemingly rushed after playing the chart-topping Kendrick track. Yesterday (July 4), Ross finally issued a response to the brawl.

“Aye man, I’m thinking about the event that happened over there,” he said. “When the first dude stepped up to Rozay, the lil’ short fat one that looked like Bam Bam Bigelow from wrestling. When he stepped up, I squatted down, and his eyes had told him what I said. Basically, ‘Boy, if I hit you, imma see everything you ate for the last two days.’ His balls dropped out of his ass. He never said another word, he did never did nothing. He was a straight busta. Then the n**** behind him said, ‘I know MMA!’ And then I got hit with a drink. I’m still convinced ain’t no n**** punched me. Somebody said, ‘Rozay, the n**** tried to punch you, he hit you!.’ I said, ‘Nah, he had to throw a drink.’ ‘Cause throwing a drink would have been way more disrespectful than screaming, ‘I know MMA!’”

Typically, being attacked would rattle anyone. But not in Ross’ case. In fact, he seemed amused more so than anything else.

Watch the full video below.