Ángela Aguilar Reacts to Her Billboard Latin Women in Music Award: ‘It’s Possible & A Superpower’

Ángela Aguilar was honored with the Musical Dynasty award at the 2024 Billboard Latin Women in Music ceremony on Sunday night (June 9), where she was also the youngest of the eight honorees.

“The legacy I’ve had the privilege of forming part of has been beautiful and full of joy, trajectory and music that when I get this award, I think of that, not myself, and that makes me happy,” Aguilar said to Billboard’s Leila Cobo in an exclusive interview backstage.

“It feels very nice to be here and be surrounded by women I have admired since I was a little girl, literally seeing women who have careers that are older than me,” the 20-year-old Regional Mexican singer added. “It’s possible and a superpower that we have in music.”

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At the event, Aguilar performed a heartfelt version of her father Pepe Aguilar’s timeless hit “Me Vas a Extrañar” accompanied by the romantic piano melodies of Arthur Hanlon. She was then surprised by a video message from her dad, who’s currently vacationing in Japan and couldn’t accompany her at the awards.

“It’s beautiful that my dad took the time from his vacation to send me this message,” she expressed. “I miss him a lot and going to the awards without him makes me feel like I miss something, but with that video, I felt a little less alone.”

Additionally, Aguilar revealed that her next single will be called “Gotitas Saladas,” and it’s a modern mariachi that she wrote alongside with two of her friends.

Aguilar is one of eight female artists that were honored at the second annual Billboard Latin Women in Music, including Estefan (Legend Award), Ana Bárbara (Lifetime Achievement Award), and the Woman of the Year, Karol G.

Watch the complete interview above.