Lorde Seemingly Teased Her New Album With A Cryptic Instagram Post: ‘Use The Existing Tools Wherever Possible’

Might we finally be getting new music from Lorde in the near future? It’s been three years since her last album, Solar Power. But yesterday (June 4), the New Zealand native singer took to Instagram, seemingly teasing her fourth record.

In a photo carousel, Lorde is seen standing at a balcony in one photo. Another photo features a hand, carrying a capsule that reads “spit.” In another pic, she is seen wrapped up in a towel by a pool.

Though there isn’t a whole lot of context to the photos, Lorde may have hinted at her upcoming album in the post’s caption.

“Use the existing tools wherever possible,” she said. “If the tools do not exist you are spiritually obliged to create them.”

Perhaps she is alluding to the fact that she has found inspiration for new music within the world around here. Also in the post’s caption are multiple symbols, representing the letter L and the number 4, seemingly hinting that her fourth album — which has been given the placeholder name L4 by fans. — is on the way.

It is also worth noting that this post is currently the only post on her Instagram page, as many artists like to archive their posts ahead of a new era.

You can see the post above.