Cardi B and Bia’s Feud Escalates: Diss Tracks, Lawsuit Threats, and Leaked Phone Calls

The feud between rappers Cardi B and Bia has reached new heights with the release of diss tracks, threats of lawsuits, and leaked phone calls, all stemming from accusations of copying and infidelity rumors.

The conflict began when Bia released a new diss track targeting Cardi B after the “Jealousy” hitmaker threatened legal action over rumors that she had cheated on her husband, Offset. The situation escalated early Sunday morning (June 1), when Cardi B took to Instagram Live, threatening to expose her private conversations with Bia and sharing snippets of what she called a “Fake diss” from Bia.

Bia retaliated with her own Instagram Live session, where she previewed a diss track aimed at Cardi B. In the track, Bia not only reiterated the copying and cheating allegations but also brought Cardi’s children, Wave and Culture, into the fray. “Put it on your gang that they ain’t f### you in,” Bia rapped. “Put it on your hubby since you lying on your vows.” She further questioned Cardi’s songwriting abilities, implying she doesn’t write her own raps and mocking her lyrical skills. “’SUE ME’ ??? That’s not hip hop,” Bia captioned her post.


During her Instagram Live, Cardi B responded by sharing posts from what she claimed was Bia’s finsta (fake Instagram) account. “Good luck you think I’m Tasha K,” one post read, referencing Cardi’s previous legal victory against the blogger Tasha K. Cardi accused Bia of taking the beef beyond rap and attempting to disrupt her family. “I’m a sue you and you got to come with receipts. And not social media receipts, court receipts,” Cardi warned. “I will get every little f###### red penny that you ever f###### make b####. Every money that you make off your publishing. So find something safe to do.”

Cardi also played a snippet of another diss track from Bia’s alleged finsta account, with lyrics that included, “How you mad he cheating on you? B#### tell him the truth,” and “I’ll tell him the scoop.” Cardi questioned why Bia hadn’t confronted Offset directly if she knew any damaging information. “So b#### why you ain’t tell him the scoop?” she asked, accusing Bia of seeking clout.

The bad blood between the two artists started last year but has intensified recently, particularly after fans accused Cardi B of copying Bia. Bia seemingly agreed with these accusations, prompting Cardi to respond on the “Wanna Be” remix.