Stokley To Receive The NAACP Trailblazer Theatre Award At ‘Super Freak: The Rick James Story’ L.A. Premiere

The NAACP Theatre Awards is thrilled to announce that Stokley will be honored with the NAACP Trailblazer Theatre Award at this year’s 30th anniversary ceremony. The event is set to take place on Monday, June 3rd, recognizing Stokley’s significant contributions to the theatre world through his exceptional talents and achievements.  The NAACP program will feature an electrifying performance straight from the acclaimed “Super Freak: The Rick James Story” play, delivered by the dynamic and talented Stokley. This highly anticipated showcase promises to captivate the audience with its raw energy, soulful musicality, and a true homage to the legendary Rick James.

A GRAMMY-nominated vocalist, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Stokley has long been celebrated as the lead singer and drummer of the renowned band Mint Condition. His recent venture into theatre has been met with critical acclaim, particularly for his portrayal of Rick James in the Je’Caryous Entertainment production, “Rick James in Super Freak: The Rick James Story.” This role marked Stokley’s first onstage theatrical performance, earning rave reviews for capturing the vibrant and wild spirit of the legendary musician.

The award highlights Stokley’s ability to transcend musical genres and excel in the theatrical arena, connecting with audiences worldwide through his versatile style and distinctive voice. His performance in “Super Freak Live: The Rick James Story” not only showcases his wide-ranging talent but also his capacity to embody complex characters, bringing a new dimension to his illustrious career.


The 30th NAACP Theatre Awards ceremony will precede the highly anticipated Los Angeles premiere of “Rick James in Super Freak: The Rick James Story,” produced by Je’Caryous Johnson and Rick’s daughter, Ty James. The premiere is scheduled for Thursday, June 6th at The Pantages Theatre, with performances running through June 8th.

Tickets for “Super Freak: The Rick James Story” are now available for purchase online HERE, offering fans the opportunity to experience the electrifying journey of one of music’s most iconic figures.