Who Is The Voice On ‘Why Won’t the Sun Come Out?’ From Vince Staples’ ‘Dark Times’ Album?

Vince Staples is having a hell of a year. Earlier this year, the Long Beach rapper repped his hometown on Netflix’s The Vince Staples Show, a semi-autobiographical series following him in different scenarios in his day-to-day life. Tonight (May 23), Staples dropped Dark Times — his eighth studio album and his final album on Def Jam.

Like all of Staples’ projects, Dark Times is very cinematic in tone, but this time, Staples’ storytelling is sharper than ever.

The album ends with an outro called “Why Won’t The Sun Come Out?” — an anecdote recited by Staples, but another artist.

Who is the voice on “Why Won’t the Sun Come Out?” from Vince Staples’ Dark Times album?

At the end of Dark Times, fans hear a woman ruminating on creativity, spirituality, love, sexuality, and violence. The woman also details a haunting dream she once had, as Staples faintly repeats the phrase “Why won’t the sun come out?”

The woman in question is New York singer, songwriter, and rapper Santigold. This mark the second time the two have worked together — the first being on “Give It All,” a 2017 collaboration with LA music group, With You.

You can listen to “Why Won’t The Sun Come Out?” above.

Dark Times is out now via Def Jam/Blacksmith. Find more information here.