Billboard Presents Bud Light Backyard With Alana Springsteen

Alana Springsteen brought friends together to crack a Bud Light and offered a glimpse into her songwriting process and more in her installment of the Billboard Presents Bud Light Backyard series. 

Fans 21 and older can catch Springsteen when she and several country hitmakers perform as part of Billboard Presents Bud Light Backyard, a two-day concert event at Tin Roof Nashville set amid CMA Fest. While the singer is scheduled to hit the stage, alongside Corey Kent and Dalton Dover on June 7, Dasha, George Birge and LOCASH will continue festivities on June 8.

Alana Springsteen:

I’ve just always experienced my life through music. Once I started writing my own songs, I never looked back. That was it for me. I’m inspired by what’s happening in my life. Relationships, I’ve written a lot of songs about breakups. The secret to writing great songs and being creative is just keeping it casual. So a lot of times, it’ll be over at a friend’s house. But inevitably, somebody will show up with a case of Bud Light, and it just turns the whole thing into a vibe. One of the first memories I have performing for a crowd at my hometown amphitheater in front of thousands of people, and it was just the experience of a lifetime. I mean, I come back to that moment a lot because I think that’s where I caught the bug. Those 15 minutes before I hit the stage are the most chaotic and the most peaceful time in my life all at the same time. It’s the peak for me and I’m constantly chasing that high. When I think of country music, I think of home I think of where I grew up, family, all the best things. These days, life is so chaotic, you have to live more than you write. And so it’s important to just find moments. I like to keep it easy, inviting people over to my house, hanging out in the backyard, case of Bud Light. Sounds like pretty good day to me.