Bowen Yang And Jake Gyllenhall (Sort Of) Can’t Get Sabrina Carpenter’s Song Out Of Their Heads In The ‘SNL’ Season Finale Promo

Sabrina Carpenter has the song of the summer on her hands. Last month, the pop hitmaker dropped her single, “Espresso,” which has taken the world by storm. Carpenter is set to perform on Saturday Night Live this Saturday (May 18) for the season 49 finale, and she’s sure to slay with her catchy bops.

Her songs are so fun, even SNL cast member Bowen Yang and this week’s guest host Jake Gyllenhall cant get them out of their heads.

“Sabrina, your song is stuck in my head,” says Yang in a promo for this week’s episode.

“Oh, thank you Bowen,” says Carpenter.

Yang then proceeds to sing a song that doesn’t seem to be by Carpenter.

“Summertime’s coming, everybody’s in their board shorts,” Yang sings.

“Oh, that’s not my song, I don’t think,” says Carpenter.

Yang continues, singing his made up song. Seemingly having taken notes from Carpenter on how to craft a pop hit, even Carpenter can’t deny Bowen’s songwriting prowess.

“Wait, that’s acutally really good,” she says.

“Board shorts summer!,” shout Yang, Carpenter, and Gyllenhall in unison.

You can watch the promo above.

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