J. Cole Appears To Be Living His Best Life After Exiting The Kendrick Lamar Beef, As He Was Just Spotted Chilling At The Beach

After Kendrick Lamar dissed Drake and J. Cole on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That,” Cole fired back with “7 Minute Drill.” Cole quickly had a change of heart, though, removing the song from streaming services and calling it “the lamest sh*t I did in my f*ckin’ life.”

Since then, Lamar has left Cole alone while going all in on Drake. Through it all, there have been jokes that Cole is living worry-free and enjoying life at the moment, certainly more than Drake is. It appears the jokes are pretty much true, according to one fan’s supposed interaction with the rapper.

Per Complex, a fan named Lale shared a photo of herself and Lamar at a beach, where she says she happened to spot the rapper. In the photo, Lamar is wearing headphones plugged into a laptop.

Lale says she had a 30-minute conversation with Cole, and he apparently told her he was working on a new album. She apparently asked about the Drake side of the Lamar feud and he reportedly said he “doesn’t like beef.”

It certainly seems like Cole is having a better time than Drake is at the moment. Lamar has repeatedly gone after him with diss track after diss track, and his response didn’t get rave reviews online.