Stephen Colbert Nearly Threw Up After Hearing The Compliment Donald Trump Allegedly Gave Stormy Daniels

Stephen Colbert finally found his breaking point in Donald Trump‘s hush money trial. Or should I say, his puking point?

During Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert recapped the testimony given by adult film actress and author Stormy Daniels about her alleged sexual affair with the former president. “It was an historic day in the annals of American law, because today Stormy Daniels did what she does best, and that’s spank Donald Trump,” the host said. According to CNN:

In a mostly casual and conversational tone, Daniels recounted details from the floors and furniture in Trump’s hotel room to the contents of his toiletry kit in the bathroom. At one point in court, Daniels threw back her arm and lifted her leg in the witness box to re-create the moment she says Trump posed on his hotel bed for her, stripped down to his undergarments.

Among the claims made by Daniels were that she “spanked” Trump “right on the butt” with a magazine, and that after using the bathroom, she returned to the room to find him in nothing but boxers and a t-shirt. “At first I was just startled, like a jump scare. I wasn’t expecting someone to be there, especially minus a lot of clothing,” she said. Trump also allegedly told Daniels that “you remind me of my daughter,” Ivanka.

Here’s how Colbert reacted to that bit of news:


You can watch The Late Show clip above.

(Via CNN)