Rick Ross Advises Drake To Not Even Respond To Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Euphoria’ Diss And Explains Why

Drake has been taking hits from everybody lately, most notably/recently from Kendrick Lamar on the fresh diss track “Euphoria.” Drake seemingly indicated that he’s gearing up to respond, but Rick Ross has advised the rapper to give it up.

In a video shared on social media, Ross addresses Drake directly, saying, “He may not even heard this yet but look, white boy: I know we not friends, but let me give you this advice because you ain’t got nobody around you, you ain’t got no real n****s around you. Let me put it like that: ain’t no real n****s. Stop. Don’t respond. Don’t respond. You ain’t even peep when the intro came on with that Teddy Pendergrass, that was that Black vibe. Don’t do it. Don’t go write an 8-minute verse.”

Ross also addressed Lil Yachty and forgave him for his Drake association, saying, “I know you wanna get that money. You ain’t wrong, n****. Keep buying them big houses.”

Ross, by the way, recently came through with his own Drake diss via “Champagne Moments.” On the track, he goes after Drake with lyrics like, “You ain’t never want to be a n**** anyway, n**** / That’s why you had an operation to make your nose smaller than your father nose, n****.”