Suge Knight: I’m Not Going To Celebrate Diddy’s Downfall

Despite their decades long feud which, according to rumor and reports may have costed several men their lives, former Death Row Records CEo Marion “Suge” Knight said that he would not kick Diddy while he’s down and surprisingly, he actually felt sympathy for the Bad Boy mogul in the new doc TMZ Presents: The Downfall of Diddy.

Suge says his thoughts went to Diddy’s kids and the negative impact the allegations have on hip-hop culture. He also says he’s not the type to revel in people’s downfalls, adding he’d rather end the beef with Diddy through conversation instead of rooting for the world to tear him down.

No one will ever forget when the beef between the two CEOs and their respective camps reached their height at the 1995 Source Awards when Knight said that if you want to be a star and don’t want your executive producer dancing in the videos, “Come to Death Row!”