Travis Kelce’s Ex Fed Up with Taylor Swift Fans: Leave Me Alone

Kayla Nicole, the gorgeous ex-girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, has found herself at the center of social media storm once again. This time due to her ex’s new flame, none other than the pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Page Six recently reported on Kayla Nicole’s public response to what she perceives as cyberbullying from Taylor Swift’s fans, known as “Swifties.” In a series of tweets, the 32-year-old model expressed her frustration with the constant barrage of negativity directed towards her online.

“I’m unproblematic. Mind my business. Never respond to the constant vitriol,” Nicole tweeted. “Solid as they come & don’t expect a pat on the back for it either. Just know everyone has a breaking point & would love for ‘yall’ (because you know exactly who you are) to leave me alone.”


It appears that the alleged hate tweets from Swifties intensified after Nicole shared her thoughts on Beyoncé’s recent album release, expressing her disbelief at the influx of new music to digest. While Nicole’s comments were not explicitly aimed at Swift or her music, some fans interpreted them as subtle shade towards Kelce’s new girlfriend and her upcoming project.

In response to Nicole’s tweet, one Swiftie wrote, “Taylor doesn’t need your streams,” while another commented, “heaux you will always be known as taylor’s boyfriend’s ex worry about that.”

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The situation highlights the toxic side of social media, where passionate supporters of celebrities often engage in online harassment and bullying of individuals associated with their idols. Nicole’s plea for privacy and respect is a reminder that behind the headlines and social media personas, there are real people who are affected by the words and actions of others.

As Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole has undoubtedly faced her fair share of scrutiny and unwarranted attention. Despite the challenges, she remains steadfast in her resolve to rise above the negativity and focus on her own well-being.

Let’s spread love and positivity, both online and offline, and create a culture of kindness and respect in the our community and beyond.