Charles Barkley Wishes The NBA Gave Jontay Porter A 5-Year Suspension

After a thorough investigation into irregularities involving sports betting, the NBA announced its final conclusion involving Jontay Porter on Wednesday. It was swift and decisive from the league, banning Porter from the NBA for life and laying out significant details as to what led to that conclusion. In the aftermath, the decision and the investigation have been discussed in myriad ways and from every possible angle, though most seem to at least understand why Adam Silver and the NBA dropped the hammer in this instance.

On Thursday, Charles Barkley joined Justin Termine and Eddie Johnson on SiriusXM NBA Radio and shed light on what he wished for in the case, including a five-year suspension for Porter.

Barkley did say, “I want to make it clear. I understand why they did it, and rightfully so.” As such, it was not as if he disagreed with the NBA’s conclusion, but his solution would have been kinder for Porter.

It is easy to see why that might be appealing on the surface, especially in a society that often values the concept of second chances. At the same time, a five-year suspension might have been functionally the same for Porter, and the NBA also was heavily incentivized to make it clear that nothing about this was acceptable.

Barkley’s voice does carry a great deal of weight, and these comments will garner attention as a result. At the same time, Porter won’t be getting back into the league, and even a different pathway from Barkley, who famously does not hold back on opinions, began with full understanding of what the league elected to do.