Joe Budden Says Kendrick Lamar and Drake are Ready to Go ‘Nuclear’ with Diss Tracks

J. Cole apologized, but Kendrick Lamar and Drake are still set on beef. According to Joe Budden, the two titans are ready to drop “nuclear” diss tracks on each other.

Speaking on The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden revealed that “it’s up.”

“Whatever little rappy s–t you thought was going on, it’s not that and something’s coming,” Budden said. “I think that J. Cole knows that from either Drake, Kendrick or both. And it was time to bow out because we are no longer in the first round.”


He added that he had “good information” that the “nuclear” tracks would end speculation and debate.

“I been saying for a few pods that I’ve seen absolutely nothing from Drake to get me excited enough to think that he will be capable of doing what needs to be done against the likes of a Kendrick Lamar,” Budden said. “I’m here to say there is no longer any need for me to instigate anything. We’re here and apparently he did it and people heard it. I heard it’s bad.”

Meanwhile, “Like That” continues to run it up.