Cassie Cooperating With Federal Authorities In Diddy Sex Trafficking Investigation

Diddy’s former girlfriend, Cassie, has been reportedly cooperating with the feds concerning DIddy’s federal sexual misconduct investigation and she is one among the other witnesses that authorities have questioned who have all previously sued the Bad Boy mogul.

Cassie, whose real name is Casandra Ventura, has been working with federal authorities for weeks and some even speculate that she spoke to them before Diddy’s homes were raided in Los Angeles and Miami last month. Other women have been cooperating with the investigation, however, because of the timing of the raids, Cassie may have been key in hewlping the judge sign off on the search warrants.

It is presumed that Cassie told investigators the same things she alleged in her lawsuit against Diddy in which he settled out of court the next day; he forced her to have sex with multiple male prostitutes, raped her, beat her, and plied her with drugs and alcohol over the course of their relationship.


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It still isn’t confirmed which of the other women have been cooperating with the feds and it hasn’t been confirmed as to whether or not Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones has been interviewed by federal authorities.

Diddy has called the allegations against him and the raids a “witch hunt” and so far, he hasn’t been arrested or charged with a crime.