Rohan! Serves Up a Delicious Genre-Mash on Debut Album food & games!

Forget the usual rapper persona. Rohan! throws a genre party unlike any other on his debut album, food & games!. It’s a vibrant blend of hip-hop, jazz, and alternative influences, all sprinkled with his unique brand of humor.

This album isn’t your average listening experience. Rohan! is a musical chameleon, a multi-instrumentalist who’s soaked up sounds from soulful melodies to pulsating beats since childhood. This early exploration fueled his passion for both rapping and producing, allowing him to not just lay down rhymes but to build the entire musical landscape.

Imagine food & games! as a wild musical fusion, inspired by legends like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and J Dilla. Rohan! isn’t afraid to throw unexpected ingredients into the mix, creating a sound he playfully describes as “Thanksgiving dinner on crack.” It’s a dynamic soundscape where infectious grooves and clever wordplay leave listeners wanting more.

Financial success isn’t the driving force behind Rohan!’s music. Artistic integrity reigns supreme. “His music aspires to connect with listeners on a deeper level, sparking emotions and pushing past fleeting trends,” the press release states. This dedication is evident in every track on the album.

Get ready to savor a smorgasbord of tight beats, clever lyrics, and a dash of humor. Rohan! isn’t afraid to push boundaries, collaborating with a diverse crew of artists including JJ Jansen, corchi, Money Meeg$, MAX B, and Sprouts. From the playful energy of “california rolls!” to the introspective mood of “read books!food & games! offers a full musical course.

This artist isn’t following the usual script. With dreams of collaborating with his idols and building a platform for his unique style, Rohan! is on the rise. So, ditch the expectations, crank up the volume, and prepare to be surprised by a sound unlike anything you’ve heard before. food & games! is a genre-bending feast for the ears, ready to leave you satisfied and hungry for more.

Listen to food & games! here: