Teyana Taylor Accuses Iman Shumpert of Confusing Daughters With New Female Friend

Last year, the news of actress Teyana Taylor filing to end her seven-year marriage to former NBA player Iman Shumpert sent ripples through the entertainment world. Now, as their divorce proceedings unfold, allegations of bitter contention surface, with Teyana accusing Iman of causing confusion for their daughters during custody visits.

According to a report by Radar Online, Teyana Taylor has expressed discontent with her estranged husband, Iman Shumpert, alleging that he has introduced a female “friend” into their children’s lives in a manner she finds concerning. Teyana’s court filings reveal her request to call upon a child psychologist to testify regarding the potential impact of such incidents on young minds.

The alleged incident occurred recently during a weekend when their daughters, Junie (8) and Rue (3), were staying with Iman. Teyana claims to have learned of this situation during a FaceTime call with her daughters, where she purportedly saw and heard the presence of a female companion at Iman’s residence. Moreover, Teyana asserts that this same woman accompanied Iman and the girls to an outing at SkyZone.


In the legal documents, Teyana Taylor emphasized her belief that Iman’s actions are unnecessary and potentially harmful to their daughters, especially considering his limited custodial time with them. She contends that Iman’s decision to involve another woman during his designated parenting weekends may lead to confusion and emotional distress for their children.

Teyana’s insistence on bringing in a child psychologist to provide expert testimony underscores the gravity of the situation and her determination to protect the well-being of their daughters amidst the divorce battle. As the proceedings continue, the spotlight remains on the contentious issues surrounding the former couple’s relationship and its impact on their family dynamics.