Johnny Depp Celebrated Robert Downey Jr.’s Oscar Win By Accidentally Sharing A Bizarrely Photoshopped Picture

Robert Downey Jr., who survived both drug addiction and the Marvel machine, won his first Oscar on Sunday for his performance in Oppenheimer. The tributes from his famous friends came rolling in soon after, including Johnny Depp. The pair haven’t appeared in a movie together, but the Edward Scissorhands star once said that he and RDJ have “known one another for a million years.”

Depp doesn’t know him well enough to not share a fake photo, however.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “the Pirates of the Caribbean actor initially took to his Instagram Story to celebrate the Oppenheimer star by sharing a photo of the pair together. However, it turned out it wasn’t a real photo of them but rather a photoshopped picture.” The original (Getty) photo is from 1998 and it shows Downey Jr. with his then-girlfriend (and Depp’s Ed Wood co-star) Sarah Jessica Parker. In the fake pic that’s been “circulated on social media and fan sites for years,” she’s been replaced with Depp. Weird!

You can see it here.

Depp deleted the photo and added another where he’s talking with Downey, Jr. at the 2011 Golden Globes. This time, it’s real. What are they taking about in the picture? Probably the time Depp pulled a necklace out of his butt.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)