Compton Cowboys Ride Into New Management Team Formed by Cortez Bryant, Jared Gutstadt & Anthony Martini

Cortez Bryant’s Blueprint Group, Jared Gutstadt’s Audio Up and Anthony Martini’s Gravel Road have formed a new management partnership to represent the Compton Cowboys and its leader, Randy Savvy. 



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

The Compton Cowboys are a childhood group of eight friends from the Compton neighborhood of Los Angeles, who use music, horseback riding and equestrian culture to improve their inner-city community. Savvy, who is also a musician, launched the collective in 2017. 

The first endeavor in the new alliance is to launch Compton Cowboys Coffee, in partnership with creative studio Avenue C, which helped design, package and build the coffee line. The brand will launch in the third quarter of 2024 with the first range of flavors named after song titles on Compton Cowboys Presents Street Country Street Country Vol 1: Once Upon A Time In Compton, a mixtape from Savvy that will come out in April via Gutstadt’s Virgin Music Group-distributed Audio Chateau label, timed to Savvy’s April 28 appearance at Stagecoach. Flavors include High Horse, Bad Apple, Cali Hold ‘Em, Iced Out Bolo and Regulate.

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The first single from the project, “High Horse,” comes out today (March 8) and features Reggaeton duo Jowell and Randy.  The song is featured in the Audible original scripted podcast, Finding PierreA Hip Hop Odyssey, produced by Audio Up. The six-part series stars and is loosely based on NBA star JaVale McGee and his career as an NBA champ and record producer. Audio Chateau Records will release the podcast’s soundtrack on March 29. 

“Randy has created an incredible brand with the Compton Cowboys. Throughout my career I’ve never looked at the artists I’ve worked with as just musicians, but as powerhouse brands! That’s literally been my Blueprint (pun intended),” said Bryant, who has worked with Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Lil Nas X, in a statement. “Randy will surely be one of the great music entrepreneurs, having already established the Compton Cowboys brand. The best part is it’s not just about the music, it’s also about community, it’s about exposure and opportunity to take inner city kids and give them a view of equestrian life. This will create a narrative in the world of country music that’s inclusive.”

The partnership will be looking at several non-music opportunities as well, including fashion, media and brandings. “We see this moment as a ‘go big’ scenario for the Compton Cowboys / Randy’s brand,” said Gutstadt, who co-founded JinglePunks and Audio Up Media, as well as worked with Jelly Roll and Steven Tyler. “Over the past several years it’s been a time of incredible turbulence- which is great for disruptors. Randy is one of those. Music discovery continues to be among the biggest challenges, and most artists have to think beyond what a typical release schedule looks like. By tethering together a media business with music, product and content, we believe that artists of the future can have it all from day one and not be tethered to antiquated ideas such as TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.”

“When I first met Randy Savvy on his family’s ranch in Compton, I came away impressed and inspired and immediately wanted to bring him into Gravel Road for management. What he’s done with Compton Cowboys goes beyond music and products, so I wanted to assemble a supergroup of like-minded partners to help expand the brand and push forward Compton Cowboys’ mission of helping communities through horses,” said Martini, who has also worked with Jelly Roll. Lil Dicky and Tyga. “By combining the resources of Gravel Road, Audio Up and Blueprint Group, our reach is vast across all verticals with each of us bringing a unique skillset to build Compton Cowboys into a multimedia force for positive change.”