If You Think You’ve Seen Calvin Harris Eating Six Raw Eggs On A Flight, Your Eyes Probably Weren’t Fooling You

Picture this: You’re on a long international flight. Maybe you’re not sleeping that well on the plane. At one point, you look around and it sure seems like you’re seeing global music superstar Calvin Harris cracking and eating six raw eggs, but only the yolks. Perhaps you’re just overly tired and imagining things. Or, maybe you were a witness to something that Harris has revealed he actually does.

In a recent interview on BBC Radio 2’s The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, Harris explained, “I was on a British Airways flight only a couple of weeks ago, and the air hostess told me she’d never seen anybody crack eggs and pour them into their mouth in their seat before. But that was me, that’s what I do.”

Ball, understandably blown away by what she was hearing, replied, “You took an egg and cracked…” Harris then cut her off, interjecting, “No, six,” which left Ball even more flabbergasted.

Harris continued, “I like to get rid of the white, so I just do the raw yolk. I find it gets rid of jet lag.”

Ball had a great follow-up question: How does Harris manage to transport a half-dozen raw eggs in his luggage without breaking them? Harris responded, “You just stick them in your bag. I’m surprised they get through security, because for me, that’s liquid. For me, that’s liquid. But it’s never ever been flagged. The albumen to me is quite runny, isn’t it?”

People have all sorts of different ways to combat jet lag (I personally used an app called Timeshifter for a recent trip to Japan #notsponsored), but if raw egg yolks get the job done, power to you, Calvin Harris.