The Rock Challenged Cody Rhodes And Seth Rollins To A Tag Team Match At WrestleMania XL

A week after Cody Rhodes challenged the Rock to a singles match, WrestleMania XL plans are coming even clearer into picture.

Roman Reigns came out to open SmackDown and demanded the crowd acknowledge him over and again. When he felt disrespected, he threatened to leave. Paul Heyman interrupted him and told Reigns he couldn’t leave because The Rock would be coming out any minute.

After a brief break, Rock hit the ring and talked down the Arizona audience. Rock said the Bloodline is in a good mood because professional wrestling is cool, exciting, and electrifying once again. Rock continued that Cody Rhodes is not cool and called him an idiot to think he’d go one-on-one with the People’s Champ.

Rock said he’s a businessman and the Bloodline has a counter offer to Rhodes’ challenge for a singles match that would have taken place at Elimination Chamber: a tag team match with himself and Reigns against Rhodes and Seth Rollins on Night 1 of WrestleMania XL.

If they win, the Bloodline is barred from Night 2 of WrestleMania, where Rhodes will challenge Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. If they lose though, it’s Bloodline rules, which means anything goes. Rock continued to talk down Rhodes and Rollins, and reminded them that he’s their boss and he sits on the board of TKO.

Rock demanded that Rollins and Rhodes meet them next week on Smackdown to give their answers. As the Rock began his “If you Smell,” Reigns snatched the microphone from his hand. He asked Rock to acknowledge him, which Rock did.