Seth Meyers Had The ‘Curb’ Music Stuck In His Head While Eating Ice Cream With President Biden

Seth Meyers is used to taking a “closer look” at the news. But on Monday, he was the news.

The Late Night host made an impromptu and “strange” visit to an ice cream shop with President Joe Biden, who answered a reporter’s question about a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas while holding an ice cream cone. “Never before in my life has the Curb Your Enthusiasm music been louder in my head than during this moment,” Meyers said about standing next to the president.

He later added, “I already felt like I was in an episode of Curb and Veep. I didn’t want to do a Jim Halpert look into the camera, too.”

seth meyers

The weirdness of the scenario aside, Meyers deeply hopes that Biden was telling the truth while enjoying his slowly melting sweet treat. “I will say, as I was listening in the moment, I was thinking to myself, ‘I really hope he’s right about an imminent cease-fire.’ In fact, I hope it comes as soon as possible, because as far as I can tell, the only way out of this nightmare is an immediate, lasting cease-fire and the safe return of all the hostages,” he said.

You can watch the Late Night clip above.