Karen Salicath Jamali’s “Angel Calling”: A Heavenly Encounter Through Music

Renowned multi-award-winning composer, pianist, and visual artist Karen Salicath Jamali unveils her latest instrumental masterpiece, “Angel Calling.” Born in Denmark and currently based in NYC and Florida, Karen Salicath is a distinguished member of the Recording Academy, making an indelible mark not only in the world of music but also as a painter, sculptor, and photographer. Her artistic evolution took an unexpected turn following a life-altering accident in 2012, opening the door to an extraordinary musical odyssey.

The accident, coupled with a near-death experience, became a catalyst for Karen‘s spontaneous exploration of the piano. Despite having no prior experience, she began playing and composing beautiful, self-taught, meditative music that proved to be therapeutic and healing. The profound impact of her compositions is evident in her ability to transport listeners into a relaxed state of consciousness.

After a three-year recovery, Karen’s musical journey took a visionary turn in 2015 when she started hearing music in her dreams. This surreal experience led her to record and play what she was encountering in her dreams, resulting in seven albums and over 2500 compositions. Her music has graced the iconic stage of Carnegie Hall eight times, a testament to the profound connection she forges with her audience.

Karen‘s release, “Angel Calling,” offers a serene and introspective experience. The accompanying video, a tapestry of nature’s beauty featuring Earth, waterfalls, birds, trees, the ocean, night skies, and mountains, perfectly complements the tranquil melody. The video seamlessly transitions between nature’s wonders and the artist playing the piano, creating a harmonious blend of music and visuals.

Accolades continue to pour in for Karen Salicath, including two nominations from The Josie Music Award for Album of the Year 2023 (Instrumental) and a nomination for Musician of the Year 2023 for piano or keys. She has also been inducted into the Akademia Music Award Hall of Fame, with a grand prize in Los Angeles for the best classical song in January 2023, featuring her track “Angel Arcadia.”

Karen’s dedication to pushing artistic boundaries has earned her prestigious recognition, including the Premio “Oscar della”Creatività”—Montecarlo 2023, honoring her creative abilities and professionalism in research and creativity.

Beyond her musical prowess, Karen Salicath’s artistic excellence extends to the visual realm. Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design in Copenhagen, she has participated in over 180 exhibitions worldwide, including the Louvre Museum in Paris. Her work, inspired by the phenomenon of “Event Horizons” in general relativity, reflects a deep connection between energy, light, and the human experience.

Karen Salicath Jamali‘s contribution to the world of classical piano is not merely about notes; it’s a profound journey that transcends boundaries and redefines artistic expression. As she continues to captivate audiences with her boundless imagination and artistry, Karen invites listeners to embark on a unique musical and visual experience through “Angel Calling.”

Watch & Stream “Angel Calling” Below: