YBZ Vandr Spins A Tale Of Self-Discovery In “Circles In My Head”

Chicago’s musical landscape gets a fresh addition with YBZ Vandr ’s newest single, “Circles In My Head.” This track is a shining example of his unique blend of energetic and contemplative music, showcasing his relentless drive and widespread charm. The song delves into the unpredictability of life, encouraging listeners to embrace their path with conviction. 

Drawing inspiration from modern music icons like Juice WRLD and Iann Dior, Vandr aims to connect deeply with audiences who seek solace in the profound layers of today’s music. “Circles In My Head” takes them on a voyage of intense self-reflection. The pre-chorus, “Seen too much that I can’t even comprehend,” reflects on complex, often overwhelming life experiences.

It captures the essence of being lost in a maze of thoughts, a sentiment reiterated in the lyric “I’ve been doing circles in my head.” This recurring theme of introspection highlights Vandr’s feelings of seclusion and his battles with the outside world. 

In the chorus, YBZ Vandr faces his inner conflicts head-on, illustrating his desire to let go of old scars and venture towards a new path. Imagery like “being a ghost for the day” and “waiting on a lake for the waves” portrays a sense of anticipation, a readiness for change and growth. 

Adding to YBZ Vandr’s rich repertoire, which features hits like “On The Run,” “Gone Forever,” and “One Step Away,” “Circles In My Head” deepens his discography. His music mirrors his life and viewpoints, striving to create a powerful emotional bond with his listeners through symbolic and narrative-driven lyrics.

Listen to “Circles In My Head” here: