Cullen Jack: Blending Classical Roots with Modern Storytelling in Songwriting

Cullen Jack ‘s journey in music is a fascinating blend of classical influences, diverse cultural experiences, and a deep commitment to storytelling. Having started with classical piano and performing in local symphonies, his approach to songwriting is unique. He sees potential in traditional orchestral instruments like bassoons and timpani drums, envisioning their use beyond classical and soundtrack genres, and integrating them into pop and country music. This innovative thinking challenges the conventional boundaries of musical genres. 

Inspiration for Jack’s music comes from a range of artists, including Ed Sheeran, Elton John, John Prine, Jim Croce, and Taylor Swift. What resonates with him is their ability to weave stories through their songs, an element that Cullen strives to replicate in his own music. His goal is to create relatable narratives, allowing listeners to connect their life stories with his lyrics. This aspect of storytelling is a significant thread in his new releases, enriched by his experiences in Tokyo’s piano bars. The time spent there exposed him to a cultural fusion of Western classics and Japanese elements, influencing his music’s thematic depth and diversity. 

Jack’s songwriting process is as organic as it is unique. Often starting with a musical phrase in the midst of his bustling family life, he relies on immediate feedback to shape his music. This process led to the creation of “Someday,” a Japanese-English duet featuring a toy glockenspiel. The instrument’s childlike innocence adds a whimsical layer to the song’s theme of hopeful love. 

Returning to music after a career detour into law, politics, and business has given Jack a realistic perspective on the music industry. He emphasizes the importance of artists defining their own metrics for success, whether that be financial gain or the pure joy of creation. This approach has led to an exploration of deep human emotions in his music, with songs that delve into themes of loss, joy, and personal growth. 

Looking forward, Cullen Jack is not limiting himself to a single musical path. With plans for both instrumental and singer-songwriter releases in 2024, he is keen on exploring a variety of musical territories. His refusal to be boxed into a single genre reflects his belief that music, in all its forms, resonates with a wide range of audiences. Cullen’s upcoming projects promise to be a rich tapestry of sound, story, and emotion, showcasing his evolution as an artist from his earlier works like “Space and Time” and “Snowfall” to his latest offerings.

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