exxy! ’s PARADOXX Promises A Profound Evolution in Sound 

exxy! has just dropped his much-anticipated debut mixtape, PARADOXXX, and it’s nothing short of a groundbreaking musical journey. In a recent conversation with the artist, he delved into the significance of this release for him both professionally and personally and explored how it will impact his evolving sound.

PARADOXX marks a significant milestone in exxy! ‘s career. Professionally, it serves as his debut mixtape, setting a strong foundation for his future projects. The release showcases his growth as an artist and the direction he intends to take in the music industry. 

On a personal note, PARADOXX represents a culmination of nearly a year of relentless experimentation and perseverance. The tracklist underwent numerous changes during its creation, a testament to exxy!’s dedication to crafting a sound that truly resonates with him and his audience. The mixtape’s final form indicates his refusal to settle for mediocrity, reflecting his artistic authenticity.

exxy! expressed a particular fondness for the track “MAK3 IT WORKK” from the mixtape. Its poignant lyrics resonate deeply with him, reflecting his determination to forge a successful music career and avoid a conventional 9 to 5 job. The track’s energy and meaningful message make it a standout piece in PARADOXX.

As for tracks that didn’t make it to the mixtape, exxy! views them as building blocks that contributed to PARADOXX‘s final composition. He emphasized his commitment to releasing only those songs that add genuine value to his discography. The record is an exciting addition to his repertoire, and it leaves fans eagerly anticipating his future releases, collaborations, and the evolution of his distinctive sound.

Listen to the full album below: